Monday, August 13, 2018


La Capelette® offers optimum protection for your skin and clothes and is supremely comfortable to wear. When it is time to dry hair naturally, use hair products, apply make-up or nursing an infant, La Capelette® is the unique solution for protection and comfort.

You may then ask "what makes la Capelette® so unique?

Unlike a plain bath towel that bunches and doesn't stay in place, La Capelette® is tailored like a vest, fitting perfectly over shoulders and neck, offering full protection front and back, and it stays secured thanks to its Mother of Pearl button.

Furthermore, La Capelette® features two convenient side pockets, with reinforced stitching, so you can keep ustensiles, eye glasses or mobile phone right at hand. La Capelette® is easy to hang, thanks to its strong looped label, and is fully machine-washable.

So imagine if you could keep that pesky towel in place, have ready-access pockets for your items, and look like you're wearing a clothing item designed to fit you... Well you don't have to. All you need is La Capelette®!

As the creators of La Capelette(r), our goal is to help 
find the best products that will make your life more comfortable while being practical. We are compelled to innovate and are committed to giving all of our attention to details like usage, texture, color, comfort and luxury. We're thrive to create products that, not only are very useful, but can also inspire.

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