Wednesday, September 12, 2018


While the primary concept of La Capelette®, was to provide a comfortable, practical and stylish alternative to bath towels during hair care or make-up applications, we soon realized that La Capelette® had other unexpected benefits for mothers with infants under their care.

Tailored like a vest, La Capelette® fits perfectly on your shoulders and stays securely in place thanks to its Mother of Pearl Button. From front to back and especially over shoulder areas, La Capelette® offers full protection against any feeding spill or mishap.

Not only La Capelette®'s soft, high-quality terry cloth is comfortable for you, it's also safe and coddling for your baby. Your infant can rest his/her head over your shoulder and you know it will be gentle on your baby's delicate skin. This allows you to nurse your infant comfortably and allow the little one to relax peacefully after feeding.

La Capelette®'s thick terry cloth can absorb the worst spills and is fully machine-washable. When not in use, it can be folded easily or hang, thanks to its sturdy looped label. It is also equipped with reinforced stitched side pockets, ideal to carry your baby's pacifier or even a small feeding bottle.

As the creators of La Capelette®, our goal is to help find the best products that will make your life more comfortable while being practical. We are compelled to innovate and are committed to giving all of our attention to details like usage, texture, color, comfort and luxury. We're thrive to create products that, not only are very useful, but can also inspire.

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