Thursday, August 9, 2018


When dealing with hair care or cosmetic products on a daily basis, there is always the possibility of a mishap: many of these products are in liquid or gel form and can accidentally drip and stain clothing or skin. We all know the challenge of washing a blouse that may have received a smudge of lipstick or a drop of face cream.

Unfortunately, we often resort to the traditional bathroom towel to protect ourselves from these incidents. While a bath towel may offer protection, it is frequently unstable and may fall off. Holding a towel in place with one hand means you have only one hand left to handle your cosmetic or hair care tasks and we know this just won't do.

Therefore, it presents the dilemma of comfort without good protection or protection in discomfort. This is where La Capelette® is completely different and revolutionary. The unique shape of La Capelette® truly offers the best of both worlds.

La Capelette® will protect your clothes and skin from any stain with its 100% absorbable cotton fabric. Furthermore, its unique tailoring allows free movement while it button closure securely holds it in place. Its lightweight and soft surface guarantees optimum comfort as well. There is even a pair of built-in side pockets, perfect to hold your comb, brush, mascara and even your mobile phone!

La Capelette® will save you time, and remove the stress of worrying about staining your clothing or irritating your skin. La Capelette® is so comfortable and practical that you can even wear it all day! Which raises the question: "How did you ever live without one for so long?"
As the creators of La Capelette(r), our goal is to help find the best products that will make your life more comfortable while being practical. We are compelled to innovate and are committed to giving all of our attention to details like usage, texture, color, comfort and luxury. We're thrive to create products that, not only are very useful, but can also inspire.

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