Wednesday, July 11, 2018


When you have long hair, the general opinion is that air-drying after washing is the healthiest mean to dry your hair without damage due to heat. While blow-drying will do the job quickly, it also can damage your hair by forcing hot air over it. But air-drying also creates issues of its own. This is where La Capelette® comes in!

When letting you hair dry naturally, you will rapidly find that dampness and wetness will fall their way over your upper back and being absorbed by your clothing. Which means that once your hair is dry, it will be time to change your clothes, especially before work or going out on the town. It creates delays and complications and you may find yourself running out of time!

La Capelette® solves all of this! As you wear it like a vest, La Capelette® will protect your entire back, shoulders and front from any wetness. Its high-quality terry cloth will soak all this moisture, protecting your clothes underneath. No more changing clothes at the last minute! Furthermore, because of its unique one-snap Mother of Pearl button, La Capelette® stays put on your shoulders without ever needing to re-adjust its position. Towels will protect your clothes as well but they will fall off at the first opportunity.

So, while your hair is naturally drying, without any concern of wetness and moisture dripping on your back, you can go about your business and know that when ready, you can just take La Capelette® off and put it in the washing machine. Done!

La Capelette® will save you time, remove stress and avoid getting your clothing wet. And you still can dry your hair naturally without any other concern! Which raises the question: “How did you ever live without one for so long?”

As the creators of La Capelette®, our goal is to help find the best products that will make your life more comfortable while being practical. We are compelled to innovate and are committed to giving all of our attention to details like usage, texture, color, comfort and luxury. We’re thrive to create products that, not only are very useful, but can also inspire.

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