Wednesday, July 11, 2018


When it’s time to nurse, bottle-feed of feed baby food to your infant, your clothing finds itself at the mercy of spills, drips and involuntary rejections! For all of us who have children, we’ve all had this experience at least once. And of course, this means more laundry to wash!

With its secure and comfortable fit, La Capelette® alleviates most of baby’s feeding mishaps. La Capelette®’s sturdy terry-cloth fabric will absorb the worst spills, while its softness will keep you comfortable. Its unique one-snap Mother of Pearl button will keep La Capelette® secured on your shoulders – no more pesky towels falling down at the worst moment!

La Capelette® is not only comfortable and protective, it is also practical. On each side are convenient wide, deep pockets with reinforced corner stitching, allowing you to keep a napkin or baby’s favorite rubber toy at hand. To top it all off, La Capelette® is fully machine-washable or can hang easily for drying.

La Capelette® truly makes nursing “accidents” a thing of the past. That you bottle-feed or breast-feed your infant, you will no longer worry about ruining your clothes. La Capelette™ can also protect you while washing your child or while feeding her/him their meals. La Capelette® is a Godsend for all nursing mothers, eliminating most of the potential mishaps while caring for their child.

La Capelette® will save you time, remove stress and avoid getting your clothing stained. And you can still move around, carry your child and go about your daily occupations while wearing La Capelette®. Which raises the question: “How did you ever live without one for so long?”

As the creators of La Capelette®, our goal is to help find the best products that will make your life more comfortable while being practical. We are compelled to innovate and are committed to giving all of our attention to details like usage, texture, color, comfort and luxury. We’re thrive to create products that, not only are very useful, but can also inspire.

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